Spiderswebs started by accident. There were a couple of people running small businesses who wished to set up websites, yet lacked the skill or direction. The aim of any of spiderswebs is to provide up to date information. As an IT man working for 15 years in the industry, in fact bringing the idea of Intranet and Internet to fruition long before most organisations started.

The one thing I hate is dead webs. So if I do take on web publishing for you, I expect to get new information from you very regularly, without this you will not get return visitors or be very high up in search engines such as Google.

I use very simple layouts, in fact just modified layouts that have come out of the Apple box, but hope we can choose one that will suit. My outlook on the web is not so much on gimmicks but having factual, current and updated information available, making it a website that will be re-visited. I don't expect any of my websites to be physically updated by there owners as I know this maybe something you fear.

I do not believe in working for the large business but more for the small trader who maybe requires web presence just to show they are there so whether it is a one page site or multi page I can help. For more complex systems I can recommend others who can do this for you.

What more can I say but to have a look at a couple of websites (links on the left) that I have done recently. I do specialise in the Canary Islands especially Fuerteventura but don't let that stop you asking after all it is the World Wide Web


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